19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My cousin recently come to know she has hepatitis B virus ..she is in 8th month pregnancy.. What this virus will cause for bavy health and mother health

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Answer: Hi,this will not hurt the baby but it will affect the pregnancy. It may lead to ore term delivery it can also cause the virus to transfer to the baby. She should consult her Dr as the Dr may prescribe her to take some inj for this. She will have to do periodical scans to check for the development if the baby
Answer: Hi Dear! If she is infected to hepetitis B, it can easily be transfered to her unborn baby in the womb, pls ask her to meet her Dr. and follow wht the Dr. says it might include few tests too. Hope this helps!
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Question: Recently I visited my Dr and according to her the size of my baby is quite small during 8th month.. I wanted to know what might be the cause and what problems will it lead to in future?
Answer: Hi dear, Sounds like IUGR case.IUGR means intrauterine growth restriction. In this condition,baby doesn't grow to normal weight.and most of the time the baby is underweight and needs to be delivered early due to the complications.it could happen due to placental abnormalities,high BP in mother etc.it cannot be cured but regularly monitoring baby through scans can deliver baby early and safe.you didnot mention the weight of your baby in post.go by what your doctor suggests.
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Question: Hi mam ..one of my cousin is in 8th month ..recently she consulted doctor and doctor found hepatitis B in her.... Does this virus creates any complications in delivery..or any danger to baby or mother??
Answer: Chronic hepatitis B can cause liver problem in mother and this virus can get transmitted to the baby as well. Make sure to consult a physician as well. Liver function tests and coagulation profile should be done every two weeks. newborn should be given both active and passive hep B vaccination at birth. There are chances of transmission through breast milk also, so you can talk to the pediatrician about top feed. Hope this information is useful to you.
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Question: It's my 36 week of pregnancy how I will come to know that my baby has drop down to the uterus and in which week this will happen
Answer: Hi dear, A scan would reveal it first.but you can also find out by examining physically. 1-Try pressing gently on your pubic bone.if you feel anything hard and round,this is probably your baby’s head. 2-Your baby is probably head down if you feel kicks up high and “butterfly” feelings down low. 3-often hiccups are felt below belly button 4- The infant is probably head down if the heartbeat is low in your belly. Ask anyone else to try to hear it.
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