35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My child was due on dec 12th. But due to low amniotic fluid did ceaserean ans baby girl was delivered on 25th oct. She is weighing 1.5 kgs. Not gained weight from past 2 days. Is it normal. Please advise

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Question: Hello !! I delivered a baby girl last month her birth weight was 2.7 n then after she hasnt gained weight is it ok ???
Answer: Yes it's ok when babies are born they are not swollen because of amonitic water and post delivery their body tries to adapt New environment outside womb My baby also started gaining weight after 1 and half months post delivery So don't worry about weight just keep breast feeding very often don't wait for baby to cry and indicate whether it's hungry Happy parenting dear 😇
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Question: My baby weight is 2.1kg and i am 37 weeks pregnant...is my baby weight is low...what can i do to increase my baby weight and in past some days my amniotic fluid was also low
Answer: Hi dear, Your baby weight is too low for 37 weeks.it should have been 2.5 kgs atleast.low birth weight could be risky and your baby might have to be in NICU.you have some more weeks ,and make your diet as nutritious as possible.drink plenty of water too.low amniotic fluid has its own risk too.kindly follow your doctor's instructions.baby weight less than 2.5 kg is considered not healthy.
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Question: Hi. My baby girl is 5 months old. Her birth weight was 3.25 kgs. She is on BM+ FM. Her weight is just 5 kgs now. I don't know how to help her put on weight. She must be 6.5 kgs by next month which looks difficult. Please guide and advise
Answer: A mother should eat good food during bf..so u eat good and fatty good for ur baby
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