7 years old baby

Question: my child is 6 year old he addicted to curd he only want curd when ever he want to eat food like breakfast lunch dinner wat to do

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Answer: curd is good dear but excess of everything is not good. second thing night time curd is not good because baby easily tend to cold and cough.
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Question: Hello.. my baby is taking every food ( breakfast, lunch & dinner) with curd only. Is it safe for her.
Answer: Hi dear, Most babies likes curd.it is quite nutritious and easy to digest compare to cow milk.i hope your baby is taking other foods too,no matter if she needs curd along with it.make sure her diet is fine otherwise.curd is ok to take.donot worry.
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Question: Hlo ...m unable to eat breakfast n dinner....when i chew it feel like vomit....but only lunch m satisfied wth food...its from 5:6 days continuously at time of breakfast n dinner....
Answer: hello don't worry this is because of morning sickness and which is normal in first trimester and will disappear after this and you can eat properly in your second and third trimesters
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Question: My child is 2 1/2 year old he is not eating food only sweet item only he eat wat can i do
Answer: Hello, kids are fussy eaters you can you can create variations in the food what his eating and make it more presentable like make a bread pizza or a dosa pizza and give him aloo paratha also decorate the food with a smiley written on it with sauce which makes him attractive to eat given a change of taste. try different recipes with your own variations in it . give him the food which he likes the most . I am sure he will eat. Hope this helps.
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