6 months old baby

Question: my child is mainly on formula since birth. his weight n height are good. he is active. he has not sucked my breast properly since birth. will that affect his health in future. I am always worried about this.

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Answer: There is no doubt that breastmilk is best for baby as it builds his immunity but formula milk is the second best substitute so don’t worry. As your baby is now 6months old start weaning. Include more fruits and vegetables in his diet to increase his immunity.
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Question: My baby is 3 years 6 month old with 13.2 weight and 94 cm height...although he is a very active child but i am worried about his height and weight
Answer: Hi.. Dear you need to experiment with your baby's favourite choices.. Make new dishes and see which your toddler likes.. You can make different porridges (vegetable khichdi, lentils and rice, only veggies), make different soups, make mashed potatoes dishes (tikki or cutlets), try giving brown bread pizza (using pizza sauce and cheese), make custard of seasonal fruits, suji or atta halwa, I am sure your baby will like some out of these..Also, try to include wheat bran, cashew nuts, and pumpkin seeds in your child 's meal.. It helps in building appetite.
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Question: My baby is not having (my) breast milk properly, Is formula feed good for her health.?
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can give formula milk to your little one. It's good for your baby. It's the food based on cow's milk or soya protein, given as a substitute for breast milk. Take care.
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Question: my baby started walking but his health is not good he is active but he is thin
Answer: Don't worry as long as your baby is active.also increase the food if you worry he is too thin.give healthy food like chicken rice dal etc
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