9 months old baby

Question: My child is suffring frm loose motion ...Almost 10 to 12 time he goes to watery motion ....And also not accepting milk or anything else ....what sud i give to him ??? How much time is normal to motion

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Answer: Give him ors packet... And may be baby's teeth is coming so he is having loose motions
Answer: You can give him bel patra leaves or bel murabba
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Question: Can I give moongdaal khichdi to 11mnth baby he having loose motion very watery he is not eating anything pls answers and suggest home remedies for loosemotion
Answer: Yes you may give moongdal khichdi to your baby but without ghee or oil.. try giving your baby boiled potato with a pinch of salt. The main remedy is to keep your baby hydrated. So make your baby have water.. you may breastfeed your baby as much as you can. It will keep the baby hydrated.
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Question: 10 months old baby having loose motion.should l give him formula milk .he is not eating anything n mother feed is not sufficient for him.pls help me
Answer: Give baby full bowl of curd to baby . Which helps in preventing loose motion. Give your baby coconut water it keep baby well hydrated, give baby well riped banana, cumin water twice a day good to stop loose motion, ginger is good source for loose motion due to indigestion. Ginger juice and very small amount of honey is good, give baby lemon juice .turneric and lukewarm water, you can give baby buttermilk, all these remedies works wonder. If you breastfeeding continue during loose motion. Your breastmilk has all the medicinal values that cures loose motion. Keep giving warm water to baby which prevents dehydration  .dont introduce formula milk all of sudden when baby is having loose motion. When baby is fine you can start. After a year you can give cow milk rather introducing formula milk. Keep breastfeeding whatever is there that is enough for the baby. The more you feed your body will produce more breastmilk dear.
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Question: my son is not eating banana how to give him banana and most of the time he has loose motion how to stop it plssuggest
Answer: banana with pure ghee is better in loose motion.. only banana can be the reason for loose motion..
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