2 years old baby

Question: My child is 2.3 year not speaking at all and not responding when we call both ears are normal docter say he have attention problem how to make him listen what we are saying

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Answer: Hi! I would recommend going to a speech therapist at the minimum. Check out speech milestones on ASHA website. As far as I remember, a 2yo should have a vocabulary of about 200 words, ability to answer in one word and just able to form 2 word sentences. I'm not trying to add to your stress, just sharing what I remember to encourage you to go to a professional for evaluation. They will share tips for you to interact with the child too. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi my Baby is 2year &1 month. He can't talk like other child , not give proper response & not pay attention when we call him by his name.
Answer: Hie Talk to your baby, point out each and every thing your baby comes in contact with Bring picture story books and read them out for your baby Sing songs or poems with your baby encourage him babble with him say short words so that he could repeat Allow him to play with toddlers his age it would help him talk Play rhymes on TV for half an hour a day That would encourage him as well The more you talk with your baby the more he would update his vocabulary and interact back to you
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Question: I have twins. Both are active. One is say some words even he response when we called him. But another one is not giving attention. Whenever we called he doesn't listen. Also just start to say ba ba ba but not the word. Is there any problem with the second one. Please advice.
Answer: Hi dear every baby is different. So u can expect then to react and grow in same manner even if they are twin. Plz don't judge ur baby and let him learn the thing in their own way. Motivate ur baby anf keeps on talking to him. Slowly he will learn .
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Question: My child is 4 months old. We have been trying to top feed him but he is not at all responding. We tried different bottles. Tried with spoon he keeps on crying on throws milk out. Any suggestions
Answer: Dear the best thing to do is continue with your regular feeding routine, including offering your baby a bottle at the normal times. She may resist, but don't become frustrated (she'll sense your tension) or give in by nursing her. Sometimes breastfed babies refuse to take a bottle from Mom because they know she has something better. If this seems to be the case, ask your husband or a grandparent to take over bottle feedings until the phase passes (you may have to leave the room, or even the house, for a while during these times). Have your husband or relative offer her the bottle by first letting a few drops of milk fall onto her lips and into her mouth so she recognizes the breast milk. Then stroke her lips with the nipple until she opens her mouth wide, as if to nurse. If she clamps her mouth shut, don't try to force the nipple in between her pursed lips -- this is a battle you are guaranteed to lose.after trying everything, your baby still staunchly refuses to take a bottle from anyone, then don't try to force her. Take the bottle away and offer it again every half-hour until she eats. Babies can be stubborn and she may hold out for an hour or more, but once she gets hungry, she'll take her bottle. If this is hard to do, remind yourself that a healthy baby will not starve herself
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