7 months old baby

Question: My child don't wants to eat anything what should I do I'm tensed I have tried each and every food but of no use

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Answer: Sometimes it may happen. It's natural but if it continues then you must consult to your pediatrician
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Question: My baby does not like to eat food. I have tried various options. What should I do
Answer: Let ur baby feel hungry wait fr a while .... when he gets very hungry he automatically starts eating
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Question: Today I eat pasta but I don't now anything by mistake Maggi also I have eat what to do now
Answer: Congration on your pregnancy. Dear it's better to aviod unhealthy food if you have carving for it take in moderation only 1-2 times a week. 👍
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Question: Hi ma'am I'm getting pimples on my face and on my scalp what should I do ? What food should I eat and which food avoid?
Answer: Dear this happens when you are having some hormonal changes in the body it happens internal and less externally... In case you are taking some medicine or you are pregnant then it is obvious in case you are not you can apply some aloe vera on your face and skull it will help to reduce the problem you can also use some safe product such as mama products for the hair and face
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