24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My cervix length is 3.7cm and low lying placenta 1.2cm what i need to do now , my gyno said further month it will raise up if it so it may lead to bleeding if it doesn't i m scared , doc pls give me any suggestions

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Answer: I'm not a doctor. But I too have a low lying placenta. You need to take additional care of yourself. Yes, it will move up eventually. You have to take certain precautions like No lifting heavy objects, no vigorous exercises walking is ok, no bending or squatting too much. No sex or masturbation, orgasms can cause the placenta to detach. In a few weeks it should move up, ideally above 3cm is considered safe. Before you plan a long travel talk to your doc. Avoid bumpy rides. Also if you experience spotting or brown discharge immediately call your doctor.
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