40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my cervix is 30 percent effaced and watery leakage of few drops what doea this mean?

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Answer: Hello dear i think your water has broken you should go to doctor.
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Question: Brown discharge and a few drops of blood. What does it mean
Answer: Hi dear, It happens to few ladies in first trimester mainly due to low progesterone levels.though it is a common thing but needs immediate treatment.else it could be unsafe for your growing baby.progesterone supplements would stop the spotting.
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Question: My vagina s wet always what does it mean ? Is this leakage of amniotic fluid
Answer: hi no dear it could be white discharge which is common in pregnancy . if if your amniotic fluid will leak it will not just make panti wet but it will be like dripping from panty.
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Question: Wat is 30%effaced mean?
Answer: Hi dear 30% effaced means that your cervix has opened up 30% it shows how much you are ready for labour but your ID is showing few days old baby please correct your Id.
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