20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my cervix is 2.6 cm.m 19 week pregnant in this case doctor said there is a chances of preterm labour. m so worried plz suggest about it.

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Answer: A short cervix means the length of your cervix (also called cervical length) is shorter than normal. You may find out that you have a short cervix during an ultrasound that you get as part of your regular prenatal care. Mostly during 24th -31st week. Steriods helps prepare your body for pregnancy. It may help prevent premature birth only if you have a short cervix and you’re pregnant with just one baby. Limiting your activity can also help ease the feeling of vaginal pressure you get when the baby is sitting low against your cervix. Any time you have an increase in pressure, be sure to contact your healthcare provider Being dehydrated can cause your uterus to start contracting. Be sure to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water or other caffeine-free beverages each day. Drink even more when the weather is warm, even if you are indoors. You should be drinking enough that it makes your urine clear. A full bladder can also cause contractions, so don’t wait to get to the bathroom when you feel the urge.
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Question: My cervix is open 2.5..So before how much time of labour does cervix dilate? I m very much worried about it..I m 40 weeks pregnant
Answer: Hi as the dilatation is of 10cm. So as the 3cm cervical dilation is considered to be early labor. Track your symptoms and inform doctor regarding the same take care everything will be fine stay positive take care all the best
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Question: Amniotic fluid index is 19. And my gynaecologist said that there are chances of preterm delivery. Is it true?
Answer: Hi dear! With amniotic fluid levels at 19 you are at a greater risk for having preterm delivery it does not mean you will for sure have it but just a risk . Take care dear.
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Question: I m now 22 weeks and 4 days pregnant.. Now my cervical length is 3cm..so is it normal or I may have chances of preterm delivery..? I m unite worried about this thing plz answer me...
Answer: Hi, normal length should be 4 to 5 CM. As it is less there are chances of preterm delivery.
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