8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My breasts are paining till 1 mnth but today i am not feeling pain in my breast.is it good or bad please tell me am worried about it.every thing is good na.

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Answer: Yes everything is fine dear. Your body is changing and with every passing week u will undergo changes in ur body. Nothing to worry about. It may pain some day n some day it pay b compltly normal. U can apply olive oil to soothe if the pain inc.
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Question: Hi..my breasts were swollen and sore but today I am not feeling anything in breasts....is it normal?
Answer: Yes it is normal to have sore and tender breasts and also it is normal not to have on somedays.. dont stress much..and think positive..everything will be fine.. take good care of yourself..
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Question: From morning i am feeling pain in lower abdomen.. Means its not strong or continuous.. But little bit.. Is it a thing to be worried about??
Answer: Have more liquids.. Like fruit juices, coconut water.. Drink lots of water daily.. As much as u can.. Also include vegetables which have high content of water like cucumber, tomatos, lettuce, radish n all.. Also fruits like strawberries, grapefruit n all
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Question: I am 8 weeks pregnant. Till yesterday i had nausea, sore breasts, vomiting feeling but today all these symptoms disappeared. I am worried. Please tell if it is normal??????
Answer: Hi dear, all these morning sickness problem occures because of changing level of your hormones. As soon as it will be stable, all the symptoms will go. So, dont worry about it. But in raer cases it some time indicates miscarriage. So, if you feel any thing unusual in stomach, talk to your doctor.
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