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Question: My breast nipple is very small , with that my baby was lacting,tell me how to increase breast nipple size

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Answer: Hello dear It is very difficult for a newborn baby to latch flat and small nipples. But there should not be any problem with breastfeeding. Most newborns can latch on to flat nipples without much of a problem. And, as long as your baby can latch on to your breast properly, he or she will be able to draw your nipples out. There are lots of techniques that are useful in dealing with flat nipples. These include: 1. Using a pump to draw out the nipple before offering it to the baby. 2. Stimulating your nipple with a cold compress to make the nipple protrude. 3. Pulling back on the areola before you latch the baby on. 4. Finding a nursing position that allows you to support your breast and the baby’s head while working on the correct latch.
Answer: Hi Dear! Nipple size will increase with time as the baby latches properly actually the size or shape doesnt matter because latching needs to be done through areola and not the nipple only, pls help baby latch it will be self corrected.. Good luck..
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    chaitanya Reddy206 days ago

    When giving the milk my baby touch milk with her tongue,my chest put on her mouth pressing into her mouth milk is coming but nipple will be going in, how nipple will comes out

Answer: Use breast nipple some days, next days automatically ur baby will latch
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Question: My breast nipple is very small... suggest me how to prepare my nipple to breast feed
Answer: Hi! A perfect latch can only help, while you will feed please hold the baby correctly and notice while feeding through the entire areola should be sucked not only the nipple. It should be fine dont worry. Good luck!
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Question: My nipple size is very small so baby doesn't suck the milk.how can i increase my nipple size?
Answer: Put coconut oil and do a massage n pull out to increase size
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Question: How to increase breast nipple size???
Answer: Hi Dear! Honestly size or shape of nipple doesnt matter, wht matters is the latch if the latch is proper the size will automatically increase. Pls practise deep latch whr the areola needs to be sucked on not the nipple only, help baby to get it correctly.. Good luck!
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