2 months old baby

Question: My breast milk is very less 😣 baby refuses to drink formula and also dairy milk. She cries alot when she is hungry but I don't have feed. My mother in law tells me that wearing a bra reduces bm. Is that true?

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Answer: Hi ,dont worri u can take garlic 6 to 7 with gingely oil and fry it and eat...u can get sum milk..
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    Simran Gulati91 days ago

    Wearung bra doesbt reduces bm. Have milk dalia and lots of ghee with protein rich diet. Supplements are also available in the market to increase breastmilk.

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    Suvanra Suvarna91 days ago

    U drink milk eat vegetable more

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    Ayesha Khan89 days ago

    Ok. I drink 2 glass of milk in a day. But still bm is very less.

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Answer: Hi dear, If you are talking about breastmilk then here are following tips to increase breastmilk: 1- breastfeed often.more you feed, more milk is produced 2- keep yourself well hydrated.lack of water in body could effect breastmilk supply.keep a bottle of water while you breastfeed 3- oats cookies are beneficial to increase breastmilk.mix it with various dryfruits with few poppy seeds( khas-khas),with desi ghee 4- lot of fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits 5- fenugreek and fennel seeds in diet.you can also soak fennel seeds in water overnight and drink it up daily 6- prenatal vitamins,like calcium and iron would also help you in the process 7- take proper rest.to exhaustive body could hamper your breastmilk production too Also refer the healofy app for daily updates on baby development and growth,as well as pregnancy care.it also gives you enormous info on post delivery baby care and diet.donot miss out!
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Answer: Dear up to 6 months breastfeeding is the best for baby but after that you must try to build up the habit of eating solids other than breast milk ..Your baby is 14 months old so you have to start giving some solid without delaying.. Hurry otherwise it may affact the health of your baby..
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