Question: my breast milk is not sufficient to my daughter , i eat everything except non vegetarian dishes it's not producing milk . whole night my daughter is sucking doesn't sleep. i eat soaked almonds, shatavari, dink water, moong dal, masoor dal

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Answer: Here is a simple homemade powder for increasing milk supply in lactating mothers. Dry roast equal quantities of cumin and fennel seeds till they turn aromatic. Cool them and grind to powder. Mix ½ tsp powder in ½ tsp warm ghee and consume 30 minutes before food 2 to 3 times a day. Desi ghee works best. This can be consumed for 2 weeks, followed by a break for 4 to 5 days and then repeat the cycle. This also helps to reduce colic in breastfed babies. A small portion of ajwain/ carom seeds can also be included.
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Question: Breast are loose that means milk is not producing??.. My lo feed and then sleep in between.. Sometimes after feeding he doesn't sleep whole day amd night..
Answer: Hi Dear! As long as your little one's pee and poop counts are normal, the baby is active and meeting milestones, he's getting sufficient milk from you Loose/ soft breasts, getting only drops on expressing are not indicators of low supply, pls stay calm and keep feeding. A good thumb rule to know, that helped me in the newborn days. Breastfed Babies younger than 6 weeks: 6+ pees and 3+ poops Babies over 6 weeks 6+ pees and can go up to 10 days without pooping or poop more than 10 times a day. Good luck & hope this helps..
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