2 months old baby

Question: my breast becomes soft like empty from yesterday ...but baby getting bm sufficient as no change in his pee or poo. Is sign of decreasing bm.what time required to brest come its original shape

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Answer: It's nothing like that you pour hot water in your breast when milk is not coming don't worry about that
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Question: My 6.5 mnth old baby has red rashes on his buttocks and upper thigh...like we saw at time of insect bite. Though its not bcz of bite. But what could be the reason as no change in food or clothes. Can it be bcz of new oant diaper i started using from yesterday ?
Answer: Hello dear. If those has happened after using the new diaper then yes that could be a reason. Use neem leaves boiled water for washing that area and apply neem oil to the skin to get relief. And avoid using diaper until the rashes gets better. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hai my lovely ladies I have 4 months old son as my in laws are feeling like baby is not getting sufficient healthy food as his stomach fill so they are telling to feed my baby ragi sari twice a day is it okay can my super man digest all it as am breast feeding him every two 2 hours even he will pee atleast 15 times a day
Answer: His stomach is not filled sorry missed not after inlaws things
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Question: hello my baby is 7month old.he has a lot of teething signs as drooling, biting,fever,vomitings he's irritable, his hands are always in his mouth... But from yesterday I have to change his diaper at least every 45 minutes . It's a small amount of poo, more like a diarrhoea (liquid) and it's not a lot but it's very frequent. He has lost his appetite, he is not taking breastfeed from last five days.he is feeling very weak.and crying so much. Can I relate this to him teething?
Answer: Hello! The sign of changing frequent diapers is due to stomach infection. Due to teething, babies put lots of things in mouth or put there hands in dirt and others and that goes into the mouth. This results in infection due to which he is having frequent stools. Don't force for anyone food. Offer him water, ors, soups, chaas and curd. If breastfeeding , then please breast feed him which is the best medicine now. It will take some time, but he will be fine soon.. Get well soon baby.
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