29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My breast are sore n nipples till not grown .itis small . Will there be problem in feeding to baby after delivery.

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Answer: Hi..please do oil massage for your nipples and try to bring nipple outside by massaging. Otherwise you will be adviced to use plastic nipples to feed baby. That is very much uncomfortable for us.. So better do massaging
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Question: Hii iam 28 week pregnant. My breast and nipples are very small in size. Will it become a problem to baby after delivery
Answer: Hi dear.. small breast is not at all a problem for breastfeeding as breast milk depend on your nutritional diet and not on your breast feel so just don't worry about the same for two small nipples can create some problem so once you will enter your and of 9th month then you should keeps Tumi stimulating your nipples with your hand it will help your nipples in coming in word out and you can also use nipple Shield if your nipples are very small soldiers don't worry dear every problem has a solution
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Question: I m having problem with breast feeding. My nipples are sore.. Redness marks around them.. N whole breast pains..
Answer: Dear only thing that I did which helped me tremendously was while taking a shower taking luke warm water in a mug adding dettol in it placed ur palm under ur nipple and start pouring that warm water with dettol slowly so that the nipple is soaked in it for few seconds. Do it slowly till 3-4 minutes. Trust me it will help in healing and u will be fine if u do it twice in a day. Just make sure u clean it properly before u feed ur baby.
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Question: When does milk production starts from nipples,how to test n my nipples are small in size,this will be a problem for baby sucking??
Answer: Hi,milk production would start in the third trimister ,in case baby is unable to latch you should take help.of lactation specialist also tou should massage the breast before feeding tour baby ,which would help. So don't worry
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