2 months old baby

Question: My breast always feel light.. I feel heaviness only wen i dont feed for 4 to 5 hours..Does i am producing enough milk for my baby

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Answer: If the baby is satisfied after having your milk, then you are producing enough milk. If the baby cries out of hunger even after you feed, then you are not producing enough milk. Try having saunf, garlic, fenugreek leaves, bitter gourd, kovai....these are lactogogues
Answer: Is baby crying for feed if no then its ok if yes then u should take lactonic graunal in milk
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Question: I am not producing enough breast milk.
Answer: Hello dear. Breastmillk is the best food as it is Superior nutrition for your baby for fighting infections and overall development. Here are a few foods that helps you increase breast milk : Oatmeal. Oatmeal by itself is not the most flavorful food out there, but you can always spice it up by adding different fruits or blend in some cinnamon or honey. Spinach. Garlic. Fenugreek. Apricots. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: My breast always feel light even if i dont feed my baby for 5 to 6 hours through breast....am i producing enough milk?
Answer: Hello Well fed babies are not cranky they sleep well. The main way thing is that the baby pees 8 to 10 times a day as they are well hydrated. The breasts don't have to be full all the time. Some times the harmone responsible for milk production is secreted while the baby s sucking. So if the baby s weight is on a good rise there is nothing to worry abt.
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Question: How am i supposed to know if my baby is getting enough breast milk? I think i am not producing enough milk as i dont see any leakage even if my baby sleeps for 3 hours.
Answer: If ur baby is crying while breastfeeding and taking it in and out means ur baby is hungry in that case go for cow milk
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