31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My BP is nt gtng norml.it is around 158/104.what precaution to be taken?

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Answer: Avoid eating salt completely for sometime or at least until you are due. Meditate to reduce stress.
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Question: What precaution to be taken while sleeping
Answer: Do not sleep on back and stomach. Sleep on sides preferably left side
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Question: Any body is having high BP in nine month of pregnancy. What precaution need to be taken to control BP in pregnancy
Answer: I had High BP in my 5th mnth only I managed very strict diet upto 9th mnth...take less intake of salt , avoid junk foods , plenty of water.
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Question: What kind of precaution should be taken
Answer: Its the most care reqiured period... dnt forget to hav folic acid daily...and avoid fruits like pine apple pappaya.. drink lots of water... hav gud sleep... and dont wrk alot take immense rest between works... dint skip any meal... and dont take over weights... avoid stairs ..
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