28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My bp is 140/80...is it normal???

2 Answers
Answer: It is bit high....go nd consult ur gynae
Answer: Its high blood preasure
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Question: Is 80/140 bp is normal
Answer: No... Try to intake less salt in diet,drink plenty of water and avoid pickle, chips, namkeen etc.
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Question: My bp is 140/80 it is dangerous
Answer: hello dear you are a 3 weeks pregnant normal blood pressure level should be 120 /80 ur bp level is 14/80 it's high dear during pregnancy some womens have high bp some have low so dear dont take stress consult ur gyno and consult it nd take bp tablet as high bp can create problem in delivery .so dear take medicine which ur gyno prescribes. Sleep 8.to 10 hours daily .go 4 walk 30 min twice a day .take less sodium in ur diet .take fresh fruits ,juices , buttermilk ,coconut water its also helpful In reducing bp .nd avoid oily spicy nd junk food .try it dear
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Question: My bp is 140/80 . Any problem
Answer: Hi,it is on the higher side. You should avoid salty food Processed food You should avoid salty nuts Fried foods should be aboidwd too. Take walks
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