27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My bp is 110/50.Is it harmful for my baby?what to do?

Answer: Ur absolutely normal Be cool and enjoy your pregnancy
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Question: My bp is 110/60. What to do
Answer: Dear your blood pressure is little low, don't panic, just take care of your diet. There is usually no medical treatment for low blood pressure during pregnancy, but you may try several  remedies... Taking time to wake up slowly in the morning instead of jumping out of bed, and getting up from the chair or sofa slowly during the day can help prevent dizziness or fainting....If you feel faint, you should sit or lie down gently to avoid falling and take steady breaths. Lying on the left side may also help increase blood flow to the heart, if low blood pressure is causing nausea, warm herbal tea may help settle the stomach. Staying hydrated with water can help. Eating many small meals throughout the day... Eating a varied and nutrient-rich diet....Increase  daily salt intake. If you feel fainting or dizziness along with a severe headache, vision changes, or shortness of breath, you should seek emergency care. Chest pains and feelings of numbness or weakness one side of the body also require emergency care...
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Question: my bp is 104/70 today . what can I do ? or is it harmful to baby??
Answer: 1) If you feel fine and aren't on any blood pressure medications, keep on the health path you're on. 2) If you're on blood pressure medications and your systolic blood pressure is often less than 110, ask your doctor about adjusting your dosages. You may be taking more blood pressure medications than you need. 3) Consider lifestyle changes that promote health and can minimize the chance of future high blood pressure. • Increase your activity level and exercise more • Try to control weight gain • Cut back on sugar and refined carbohydrates • Eat less sodium, more potassium. Foods rich in potassium imclude – dairy foods, fruits (banana, oranges, apricot), fish, vegetables (sweet potato, potato, tomato, spinach) • East less of processed foods • Reduce excess stress • Meditate & do yoga • Eat some dark chocolate • Eat garlic • Eat healthy high protein foods • Consider cutting back on caffeine
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Question: My BP 75/110.. Is it OK..
Answer: Hi dear, Ideal BP is 125/80.but again it matters in each individual.you donot worry if you have no issues like dizzyness .
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