30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My bp is 130/80.how to maintain normal bp.advices plz

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Answer: Hie Don't worry slight fluctuation in BP is expected during pregnancy Taking care of yourself is the best way to control your BP Eat a healthy diet and limit your sodium intake Eat more whole grain they are high in dietary fiber, vegetables,fruits go for low fat milk or soy milk Have a piece of dark chocolate which contains 70 percent coco as it helps lower bp Cut on caffeine in your diet Stay physically active go for walks in the morning it would also boost your oxygen and vitamin D3 Sign up for pregnancy yoga or swimming Meditate for at least 20 min every day it would help you balance your inner self as well as your BP Monitor your weight gain you need to take caution to keep your pregnancy weight gain within healthy limits Reduce stress as it can elevate bp
Answer: Thank u very much
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Question: 130/80 BP is normal
Answer: Ideally it should be 120/80..but as the pregnancy progresses you might tend to get high BP issues..yours is slightly elevated that's t..please avoid taking excess salt in diet..no processed food that have hidden salt content..have plenty of water and keep yourself active too..
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Question: Bp 130\80 is that normal
Answer: Hi,it is slightly on the higher side.you should reduce the intake of salts in your diet. You should avoid junk.food and arreated drinks and caffeine. Avoid fried and oily food Avoid processed food Take walks This should help
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Question: My bp remain 130/80 mainly after bp mdcns ..sonetimes it is 110/80.... is 130 is normal range
Answer: Hi dear although the normal range is 120/80 but 130 is considered ok ae just control your salt intake. And if after medicines it is 110/80 then that's good.
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