38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My bp is 120/90 and doctor advises me to admit on friday. Will i have normal delivery is der anything to worry coz i dont have any pain

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Answer: Hi,bo is on boderline. It depends if the Dr induce pain and if bo is going high then Dr may suggest you to go in for csec All the best
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    Anjana Anju793 days ago

    Thanku for the reply. Dr induced pain and gave birth to a girl baby

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Question: I have bp 140/90 from yesterday. How to take bp to normal and have normal delivery.
Answer: Hi! If ur BP is high you need to start meditating meditation helps a lot in bringing down the BP is in that you need to use less salt in your food you can go for a walk on a daily basis avoid all kind of oily and fried food take your medicines on a daily basis if you are on medication, everything will be fine . Hope this helps!
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Question: Now my bp is 90-120,is it danger?will take any problem?
Answer: hello dear you are 33 weeks pregnant your bp is 120/90 its normal . Dear normal BP should be 120 by 80 . your BP is completely normal nothing to worry about go for a walk daily drink plenty of water buttermilk coconut water lemonade. avoid stress, sleep 8 to 10 hours per day .try it
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Question: my weight now 53 kg and bp is 120/90....is it normal?
Answer: little high but no need to worry avoid sugary food.
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