27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My bp is 150/80..most of the times. In the evening it reaches 160/80.Then if i take medicine it reduces to 150/85..i am not taking salt. But of no use. In the morning last 3days i had acidic vomiting also. What to do. Pls help.

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Answer: please don't take any kind of distress as well you should listen good music and read good books that will help also drink one glass of normal water before going to bath. Consuming honey is also good to reduce your BP
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Question: I can take afternoon medicine in early in the morning can it is affact
Answer: Mostly iron tablets r prescribed afternoon bttr u have ur folic during afternoon after full meals
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Question: I am carrying twins. My bp is around 150/90 most of the time. Sometimes it touches 160/80.Doc gave lobet. Two days i vomited. Which is like acidic water. Is it getting serious?
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear bp should be 120/80 .so take medicine as ur dr suggest u. exercises regularly, Control Sodium Intake,Bananas, tofu, avocados, bananas, almonds, and soy milk because magnesium not only helps maintain a healthy level of blood pressure.,Avoid Caffeine,Avoid Junk Food,sleep 8 to 10 hours daily nd vomiting s due to harmonal changes. So take medicine as ur dr suggest u, take ors aftrr every vomit too take digene syrup too .
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Question: I had two times period in a month.. is this sign of pregnancy?if yes When shd I chk the pregnancy test? Also I feel little heaviness in my lower abdomen
Answer: There could be many reasons behind it , dear if you have this doubt then go for beta hcg test or at least go for a checkup
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