34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My BP is 118/95,,,what should I do?

2 Answers
Answer: Your Doctor has prescribed you Blood Pressure Medicine so You Should Take it as Your doctor Told You If Not It May Cause Problems At The Time Of Your Delivery.
Answer: You Should Take Your Blood Pressure Medicine as prescribed by the Doctor.As It May Cause Problem At The Time Of The Delivery.
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Question: My baby is passing stool hardly what should I do
Answer: Baby is having solid food baby stomach will take some time to adjust . you should give 2 to 3 times solid food start with 2-3 spoons. do not give biscuit. while bathing put warm water over the stomach that will soft muscle
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Question: I had High bp what should I do
Answer: Congratulations for your pregnancy, high bp is not good during pregnancy please consult your doctor.
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Question: My BP is too low its 90/60.What should I take to maintain my bp
Answer: Even m having the same bp. My dctr suggested to include bit more salt in buttermilk n have it
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