37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My bp has been increased in 9 month. N yesterday check up my doctor prescribed me medicine LABEBET 100. N I'm feeling like shiverish. What should i do. Should i visit the doctor once again. Or it will take time to suit the medicine?

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Answer: Hllo dear u r 37 weeks pregnant dear no fluctation s normal during pregnancy dear ur gyno suggest u no tablet take this .if u feel more problem u can consult to ur gyno again .and so dear take medicine which ur gyno prescribes. Sleep 8.to 10 hours daily .go 4 walk 30 min twice a day .take less sodium in ur diet .take fresh fruits ,juices , buttermilk ,coconut water its also helpful In reducing bp .nd avoid oily spicy nd junk food .try it dear
Answer: Obviously see Ur gynaecologist
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Question: I am 33 weeks pregnant & my bp is 139/90 doctor prescribed me medicine labebet 100 but my bp is same, no any changes what to do..
Answer: Hi dear, Ideally one should check the BP Round the same time.if you have had physical activity,then its better to take little rest and then check the BP.continue the medicine.it will come down eventually.lower the intake of your salt in food.deink plenty of water too.
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Question: My bp is 140/ 90 got lot swelling in feet too how to reduce bp and swelling..?doctor has prescribed bp tablet labebet 100 mg...feeling lot heaviness in eyes after taking tablet
Answer: hi your BP is on the higher side you should take the medications as prescribed by a doctor because it is very important for you to control your BP levels as it will lead to complications at the time of delivery however to control your BP along with medications you can also control your diet you should control have installed in your diet you should limit the intake of salt you should avoid fried food oily food and food that has preservatives you should also take regular walks which should help and taking good rest will also help
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Question: I am 35th week pregnant n recently doc told i hv bp 150/100..... She has suggested me to take labebet 100 mg morning and night.... Is it safe?..... How serious is my n my baby's condition?
Answer: Hii dear your bp level is little high becoz during pregnancy bp level should be 110 70..so take tablet which doctor suggested that ll helps to reduce bp..don't get tension be cool hear songs be relax and happy..it ll affect ur baby
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