13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My b.p gets very down after evry half hour.. I take mch food bt still feel vry down evn not able to stand. M 4 months pregnant.. What should i do?? M vry worried

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Answer: This is same what hapoens with me in whole period of pregnancy TAKE START TO ORS it will help you !!
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Question: I am 32 week pregnant....my B.P always very low nd i feel not good,after eating food,not feel i eaten..
Answer: Hello dear... During pregnancy,low blood pressure is normal, however in most cases it won't cause any major health problem and has higher chances to get into pre-pregnancy level after delivery,it happens due to expanding blood circulation to the body and also due to harmonal changes which cause blood vessel to dilate,but in some cases very low blood pressure causes complication to mom and baby,so it is essential to maintain a stable value of blood pressure to have a smooth delivery Precautions for low blood pressure Take rest When you have low blood pressure,it is advisable to do things slowly, for example if you waking up in morning don't rush to get up from bed,get up slowly and always don't do any activities in hurry,it is advisable to stay calm and steady Intake of fluid During low blood pressure,it is essential to drink more water,can include water in the form of buttermilk,fresh juice,soup.,if you stay hydrated throughout the day will help you to maintain healthy blood sugar value Salt If you have low blood pressure, doctors usually recommend to take more salt,but this too not a good practice,so if you increasing your salt content,it is essential to take advice from doctor to know the exact amount Diet It is recommended to have five to six small meals rather than eating full meals,it is essential to have more fruits and vegetables,will also help a lot Wear loose cloth If you have low blood pressure,it is advisable to wear loose cloth, don't wear heavy,tight clothes it may cause dizziness ‌Follow these tips,hope it might be helpful for you
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Question: I m not able to take my meal properly, I feel no taste in food
Answer: Hello, Dear it's completely fine if you are not getting any taste there are a lot of hormonal changes going on in your body so that's why your taste buds as bit upset so don't worry just drink lemon juice or just lick lemon or any lemon pickle that will enhance the taste and in coming weeks you will be all fine.
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Question: M 4 months pregnant.. My b.p gets vry low aftr evry 20 minutes.. I eat much food but still feel vry down..evn not able to stand... What should i do???????
Answer: You should eat Protein daily like egg,milk,dairy products.chicken is also good.leafy vegetables ,dal all these foods are highly recommended during pregnancy to avoid blood pressure related issues.if u r feeling weak and tired then u can check ur heamoglobin level.if the problem persists consult ur doctor
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