2 months old baby

Question: My boy was weight less he is in 2kg so how can I increase weight

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Answer: Dear right now you need to depend only on your feed.every two hour feed is mur..if your milk is not enough then get formula.milk for baby..thee is no other way other than feeding.
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Question: My fetal baby weight is low so please sugeest how can i increase my baby weight
Answer: Hi dear if ur babies weight s low take healthy diet as bsbies growth depends on mothers diet so add milk wit mother horlicks ,cheese, butter, paneer, Tofu green vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts oats, ragi ,sooji in ur diet nd add fresh fruits juices too, avoid oily spucy junk food nd take all.dals too nd u can add mutligrain roti too. Try it and add 8 to 10 glass water too. Try it .happy pregnancy.
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Question: How can I train my boy for potty? How can I increase my boy weight he is 1 year old Always rejects whatever I give....
Answer: Hi....The right age for a baby to start pee and potty training should be from 18 months when ur baby starts to sit properly on seat of the pot and some will learn little late. Try adding butter, ghee, to your toddler's food.  it will surely help ur baby in gaining weight
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Question: My blood is less and weight is increasing per month 2kg and how to increase weight of mine
Answer: Eat protein and vitamin rich food. You can have milk egg green leafy vegetables and don't try to have everything at same time try to eat every 2- 3 hours.
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