18 months old baby

Question: My boy is now 1.5 yr old... And still he is breast feeding... I want to stop it now and he is not ready to leave it.... He does nt like milk..so what should i give him as substitute which is like breast milk..?

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Answer: Give him all the food made at home and also fresh fruit juices. Also introduce formla milk
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    Twisha Bhalia707 days ago

    Formula milk which brand?

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Question: My baby is premature and now h is 3 month old. I m nt having breast milk ao he is on formula milk. Which is better for him formula or amul milk?; Im giving him bottle feeding is it safe?
Answer: Dear untill ur baby completes 1 yr only formula milk should be given and not any other milk if breastfeed isn't available. Bottle feeding is fine for the baby. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi.. my baby is 2 yr old... And i am still breast feeding her.. now I want to stop... She only wants in night .... And she is not used to feeding bottle... How can stop breast feeding?
Answer: Hi dear, I had brestfed my baby till 3 and half years and beleive me it was one of the toughest decision made.she was so attached to me,then one fine night,I kept her away.i made her sleep with my hubby .she woke up ,crying etc.but I didn't attend her.that was the last night and she did not ask for breastmilk again.but I know it could take longer time for your baby.so have patience and be determined.feed your baby well at night.and take help of your husband.
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Question: My baby is 1 yr 9 mth old i want to stop the breast milk how can stop it
Answer: Hello dear. Few of the steps are: Offer a bottle in the evening after the regular feeding to get him used to the nipple. Start with a small amount of breast milk – about half an ounce. Try a slowf-flow nipple. Let someone else feed him the first bottle. Try to be out of the house. Take care.
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