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Question: My boy is 11 months old...he started walking when he was 9.5 months old...when he walks his legs are widened apart...plz suggest

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Answer: Pigeon Toes If a child's shinbones or thighbones are slightly twisted, his feet will point slightly inward instead of straight ahead. Less commonly, pigeon toes (or intoeing) develop when the bones in the feet curve in. Both are the result of your baby's position in the womb. The legs and feet fit most efficiently in that limited space when the feet are turned in." Pigeon toes that are caused by curved foot bones usually straighten out during infancy or toddlerhood, but it can take until age 6 or 8 for twisted shinbones or thighbones to resolve on their own. Children who have pigeon toes may trip occasionally when they first start walking, but they're no more clumsy than other kids
Answer: Aap apne doctor se puchle
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Question: My son is 1 yr old. He started walking at 10 - 11 months. It seems that his legs are not completely straight, they r bit bent. But he walks properly. Is he fine?
Answer: Yes he is totaly fine...bt if u wnt thn u cn massage ur baby legs daily at night ...
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