6 months old baby

Question: My boy is 6 months old he is not sleeping properly

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Answer: If your baby is not sleeping properly during night or day time. Make sure your baby sleeps at last 8 to 11 hour at night and on a average of 4 to 5 hours of sleep during day time. If on a average the baby sleeps around 15 to 18 hours a day it's fine. Before taking your baby to bed at night massage with oil and then wipe his body with wet hot cotton clothes and make him wear comfortable clothes to breathe his body. This way you can help the baby to sleep peacefully
Answer: Hello Your baby s cranky cos he s hungry at his age breast or formula milk is not enough they need more. Tis is the main reason they dont sleep well. You have to start feeding him solid food try taking him out to a park get him to play and eat. Try playing his favorite cartoon or rhyme distract ur baby n start feeding it is difficult but I m sure u ll be successful eventually. Hope I helped
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Question: My baby boy was 5 month old he not sleeping properly day and night
Answer: Dont panic some babies need calm environment to sleep..avoid noises surrounded him.. ..and give head massage and head bath regularly
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Question: My boy baby not eat properly he is 23 months old what to do
Answer: Take your baby out side of your house and eat foods
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Question: hi..my baby boy is 8months he's not sleeping properly
Answer: Babies have their own sleeping pattern but these tips can help you. Try them. Feed your baby. Don’t give her/ him so much that she or he is overly full and uncomfortable, but give her/ him enough so that she/ he is satisfied and not hungry before bed. Give her/ him a gentle massage. Before bed, try a short massage. For 10 to 15 minutes, it will relax the baby. Put on a fresh diaper and pajamas. Walking around with her/him in your arms. Rocking her/him gently in a chair or in your arms Singing her/ him a song Playing her/him quiet music. Put her/ him to bed when she/ he is sleepy but still awake. Look for signs of tiredness, such as yawning, heavy eyes, making fists, and eye rubbing. Avoid eye contact as it might turn her/him and wake him/her up again. Lay her/ him down on her/ his back. Babies should always sleep on their backs. Soothe your baby with physical contact as you transfer her/ him to bed. Gently lay your hand on her/ him stomach, arms, or head to reassure her/him that you are there and make her/ him feel safe and secure. Turn off the lights because babies understand that it is sleeping time.
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