1 months old baby

Question: My boy is 17 days old. He s having deep sleep in the morning i.e after bath and upto second feed in noon. My doubt s 1. He s not sleeping at night. Is tis normal. 2. Sometimes he s vomiting milk after evening feed. why it so. Most of the time he seems to have vomiting sensation.

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Answer: Newborns sleep a lot– typically up to 16 to 17 hours a day. But most babies don't stay asleep for more than two to four hours at a time, day or night, during the first few weeks. Baby sleep cycles are far shorter than those of adults, and babies spend more time in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which is thought to be necessary for the extraordinary development happening in their brain. and about vomitting you should start getting him use to burp so that the milk could get digested easily, it's a very common issue with new born. Don't worry and take care of yourself as well. Congratulations on baby.
Answer: Bacho ki cycle hoti hai shuru maine wo din bhar sote jai rat ko jagte hai ...
Answer: Aap feed karane ke bad dakar dilati hai ??
Answer: Does he have jaundice?? Consult doctor
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Question: My baby turned 4months today.. He most of the times refuses to take feed from left breast even when he is hungry and cries a lot... What can be the reason? As soon as i change the side he stops crying and drink.. Even in deep sleep at night he does this sometimes
Answer: HI. Some possible reasons are 1.may be pressure of milk is too high or low from one side so baby may be not comfortablr and he may be nipple size small so he is not comfort able latching 2. Without reson babies develope likeness for one side or you have fed him initially from one side 3 .It can be due to some injury or ear infection so he may feel pain in that posiiton and prefer the other side 4. Breast infection so milk of that side may test little salty so do check for that.
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Question: My babies r twins in the morning after bath one sleep well and another one not sleeping but she have the sleep in her eyes why she didn't sleep
Answer: Hello dear. For sleep u can try massaging the baby just before the sleep which has an amazing affect on the baby and massage followed by slight exercise makes the baby tired and they get a sound sleep. Massaging twice a day suggested for hyper active babies. Hope. It helps.
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Question: My baby's sleeping times are not getting fixed.. He is 6 months old now.. He sleeps in morning for 45 mins to 1 hr.. Then after bath he sleeps for around 2 hours.. Doesn't sleep early in the night.. Now a days he is playful in the noon and sleeps in the evening.. So eventually doesn't sleep early in the night.. Also, he doesn't sleep in the night for four five hours straight.. Wakes up in between two three times
Answer: See that the room in which he sleeps is dark in the night.. If he is waking for milk in the night it's normal. Give him a warm wash with light have massage....before he sleeps at night..u will see the change in the night sleep pattern.
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