14 months old baby

Question: My boy doesn't like milk..neither formula milk nor packet milk...he takes only breast milk which is not enough for him...what should i have to do?

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Answer: Hi! A 14 months old doesnt need much milk as he is having other family food which takes care of calcium intake..Feeding on demand is perfectly alright at this age.. If you are breastfeeding, the pressure to start outside milk is less. Start with about 30 ml in a glass or sipper/ straw bottle. Don't worry about the quantity. It takes time for baby to like the taste of other milk. If at all. You can instead give things like curds and paneer that most babies like, milk is basically like a good snack. My daughter at 2+ is finally having about 100 ml a day. And many days she's not interested in it either. Don't mix anything in the milk. Let baby get used to taste on its own. Don't mask it with sugar or any complan etc.
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    neha singh774 days ago


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Question: My baby does not feel to drink milk neither breast milk nor formula. What should I do
Answer: Hi dear... Does your baby pee n poop regularly? Because peeing n poop leads to hunger. U can consult ur pediatrician n give digestive enzyme drops for proper digestion. Also check whether he is able to suck nipple properly else try giving with spoon. I wish your baby starts drinking milk because for a mother it's really very pathetic thing.
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Question: Hii ma'am , my milk is not sufficient for my baby and he doesn't like formula milk what should I do ????
Answer: if your baby doing 6 times Pee in a day , that means your baby having enough milk from you if it is less than 6 times then you have to switch to the formula milk you can mix up your breast milk with formula milk may your baby can take that milk . firstly you can make formula milk lightly like you should take one ounce water but don't take one full one ounce spoon milk you just take half spoon of milk which is half Pounds that will maybe e preferable to your baby
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Answer: Its so good that your exclusively doing your breastfeeding... Congratulations for that first... It is must for 6months and I understand that you want to join your job please do pumping and refrigerate the milk ( LIFO ) feed the last pumped milk first keeping it in room temperature for 30mins and don't ever heat it before feeding it... All the best dr
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