7 months old baby

Question: MY BOY baby of 7 months 12 days night he sleeps at 10.30 from then to morning 7 or 6 he will not pass urine is it ok for him he will have 2 times formula milk at night since from 3 month baby he is doing same pls suggest should I consult doctor

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Answer: Baby sleeps more hours ..that's normal
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Question: My boy is 7 mnths old. Today is suffering from loose motion he did it 5 times since morning..it is normal or i should consult his doc
Answer: Hi Increase the frequency of breast feeding As your breast milk is the best solution to keep your baby hydrated Offer him ors or electrolytes solution for babies it would help keep balance of liquids inside his body Offer arrowroot powder porridge it is very helpful during loose motion it is rich in nutrients as well as heals stomach from within Offer him light food like steamed Apple, banana,rice water, rice porridge ,moong dal porridge or water Avoid dairy products If loose motion last for more than a day consult your pediatrician regarding same
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Question: My baby pass 7 times in morning,bt after that he pass urine 1 to 2 time till the night,is it normal??
Answer: Hello dear Ur baby's wet diapers shows how much feed ur baby is having. If ur baby is passing urine 7 times in morning then it means ur baby is getting proper feed but at night if ur baby is passing urine only 1 or 2 times. That means ur baby is not getting proper breastfeed. So, feed ur babies frequently after 2 hrs.
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Question: I have 6 monthold boy baby ,,night time he wont pass the urine ,when he sleeps at 10pm thar time his last pass ,,adtrr that when he wakes up in the morning den he he will pass,,,,y like that
Answer: Hi dear there are few babies who have this control very early since it is completely normal just look at the peacock throughout the day it has to be 6-8 times for a 6 month old baby in 24 hrs. if thats happening its all fine.. Hope this helps!
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