5 months old baby

Question: My boy baby 5 month old. Whenever having milk..smalk ant of motion gng on.. sometimes like water. Whjts tge reason for tis..i'm giving cows milk

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Answer: Hello! If you have recently started with cow milk, then it could be due to that only. Cow milk should not be given to babies before the age of 12 months. It is difficult for the baby to digest and can cause problems like indigestion, loose motions and colic. I would rather suggest you to consult the doctor once. Take care
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    Rajeswari Dinesh kumar126 days ago

    I used from 3 month... upto sterday he is fyn... Sunday i moved from moms home to my hubby home..cows milk get different from thr...

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Question: my 8 month baby having loose motion after having solids like khichdi,cerelac.....and he is only on FM whenever I give him cows milk that tym also loose motion starts...any remedies for it.....
Answer: you should not give your baby cow's milk till 1 year of age... The kidneys of baby is not matured enough to digest cow's milk... Please feed your baby milk in the form of breast milk and formula milk... you can feed solids there is no problem... You can feed solids in puree or mashed form because babies dont have teeth... the food you give must be easily swallowed.
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Question: Can i give cows milk for 5 month old baby?
Answer: No dear, A 5 month old baby's intestines are not ready to break down cow's milk. Baby should be feed only breastmilk since birth. It is better for your baby to put him/her back on formula if you can't breastfeed. Wait until your baby is a year old before giving her cow's milk as a main drink. It's fine to use a little cow's milk in your baby's food once she's started on solids. Yoghurt and mild cheese are also fine to feed your baby from six months.
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Question: MY baby boy is 14months old. When should I start including cows milk on his diet?
Answer: Hi mommy Till one year FM or bm is the main source of nutrition. After that, you can start with cows milk Make sure you do not give more than 400 ml of cows milk in a day. Try including other calcium products like panner cheese etc Make sure baby eats solid foods and Is s part of family food routine. Give him quality foods and don't concentrate on quantity. Give him milk in a sipper or glass Bottles are not recommended after 1 year of age
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