6 months old baby

Question: My Boy baby has 5mnth 24days old his tongue tip is joined with under one line I don't that line name is there any prblms him to talk

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Answer: Please consult a doctor to check whether this condition is natural as in everyone or will induce difficulty in speaking. A drs advise will be the best
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Question: My one month old baby having white color( fungus) on tongue. Is there any natural remedy for that?
Answer: Hello, Dear your baby is only on milk diet that's why the tongue of baby is getting white in colour so don't worry it's completely normal. use a soft and clean cloth to clean baby's tongue. While bathing your lil champ wrap the cloth on your finger , dip it in clean water and rub baby's tongue with it. Do it regularly..
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Question: My baby is 67days old he has a white layer in his tongue..how to remove that layer
Answer: Hi.. Dear wash your hands, take a washed piece of muslin cloth, wrap It around your finger and gently rub on your child’s tongue.. Other than this you can also use baby finger brush, it is easily available in the local baby stores and online as well..
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Question: My baby is 3month old bt nowadays she started to thumb sucking there is any tip s to avoid that
Answer: It is common in babies my daughter is also having the same habbit.. So Cover her hands with gloves.. N when she suck her finger feed her with Bm .. Some babies does that when they r hungry.. That's what I know ..
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