1 months old baby

Question: My boy baby going to complete 2 months..on face full small pimples its look like Very reddish can u plz suggest anyone what i can do....my mom said because of my heat body

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Answer: It's normal .all baby's
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Question: Hi good morning baby boy 23 days old he s having small pimples over d face its look like redish can u give valuable solution
Answer: Hi, don't worry it is normal for small babies to get rid of rashes the best seller natural remedies to apply breast milk which will give relief in the baby if it does not improve then you should consult to the doctor
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Question: I'm 3 months pregnant i've pimples on my face n body like heat pimples its lylbit painful also wen i touch..may i knw d reason n solution
Answer: Do not worry skin issues a very common to every pregnant woman pimples ,skin darkening ,skin rashes. these all are very normal in pregnancy because of the hormonal changes do not worry this all issues will resolve after delivery when you are hormones will be back again to normal. Meanwhile you can try the paste of multani mitti besan mixed with milk cream and curd apply this equally and evenly on your face and patches. let it sit for 15 minutes and wash off this will help to reduce the pigmentation. For preventing acne and Breakout you should wash your face twice a day with mild soap suggest also use fragrance free and oil free products which do not clog your pores . Body acne can be reduced with help of calamine lotion . Natural remedies such as aloe vera may be used for the acne breakouts. Multani mitti /curd honey and tomato juice these things are used regularly to prevent tanning and blackening of skin but you must do in moderation. thrice a week should be fine . Do not over do as in pregnancy the skin is very sensitive and your skin can develop rashes .
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Question: Hi...in my face so many got pimples means heat like reddish its bit pain severe in chin..wht can i do for dat my clear face...??
Answer: Hello dear dont worry pigmnetation and also pimples are common during pregnancy this is due to hormone fluctuation. Drink more water to flush out the germs inside the body. Can alply nutmeg paste mixed with a little milk. You can also wash your face with boield neem leaves water.
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