15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My both trisomy 21 & trisomy 18 screening report is negative is the report normal this report is under dual marker please give me the info?

2 Answers
Answer: If it is screen negative then it means everything is normal. No risk. No worries.
Answer: Yes it's negative means it's normal.
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Question: Trisomy 21: tis result of the screening test has a probability is 1:80028 for Down's syndrome in this pregnancy. Screening test is negative .. is tat normal report
Answer: Yes no problem.. The test should come only negative. Your reports are normal
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Question: In my double marker test result is ...trisomy 21 screening with NT <1:10000 and trisomy 13/18 scanning with NT <1:10000 is this positive or negative.. what is the normal range
Answer: The range which you have given itself is very much normal
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Question: I am 19 week pregnant. I do maternal screen (Quadruple test)in 2nd trimester.Neural tube defects screening is negative. Trisomy 18 screening is negative. Trisomy 21 screening is negative. It is normal?
Answer: S it's normal ur baby does not have any defects.he/she is perfect
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Question: dual marker report shows screen negative with risk of 1:23557. Is this normal ? please confirm
Answer: S negative for risk means.... Normal only
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