10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My both side stomach is paining sometimes right sometimes left and also I feel tight stomach

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Answer: Drink alots of water.do same walk dont eat juck food eat healthy fruits n vegetables..n pls meet your doctor..
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Question: If the movement will happen from left to right i feel tight at right side and i feel tight in my stomach
Answer: Hi dear, Such feeling are quite normal at this stage of pregnancy.as the baby gets bigger,it gives buggers and firm pushes to the wall of stomach.also when the baby turns you might will little tight there.it could also accompany with mild pain at times which is also normal.nothing to worry about .
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Question: I feel cramping on both sides. Is it normal? Also sometimes feel pain on lower left side.
Answer: Cramping without bleeding is normally because of exertion or carrying heavy things It is important to see tour Dr if bleeding is also seen Or you get a fever tomorrow.
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Question: Is it possible to feel movements sometimes both side of stomach kya ? Like kicking also and hand se also pushing i feel sometimes
Answer: Yes dear. Your baby is trying to settle in head down so it is normal to feel. Movement from both hands and legs. There is nothing to be worried. Hope it helps.
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