4 months old baby

Question: My both breasts size become unequal after delivery. It looks very awkwrd.im a breastfeeding mom of 4 month old baby.pls help me to handle that problm

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Answer: Esa tb hota h jb aap baby ko 1 side se jyada feed krate h...aap baby ko bari-2 se dono side se feed krae equal ho jaenge
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    Amandeep Awana988 days ago

    Us side feed hi bht km ati hai to baby refuses to hve milk from dis side

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Answer: Hi dear...There are some yoga exercises to reduce breast size...it will be more helpfull
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Question: My breasts r became too much Large plz tell me how to reduce the size,it looks very ocward, I have 1 month old baby
Answer: Hello ma.. Dont be think about that upto 1 year.. because you are feeding to a baby.. it will based upon our hormone changes.. baby is your world.. dont bother about any thing.. Understand that this is not your final breast size. Many women assume that the breasts they have directly after the baby’s birth are theirs to keep. Most of the time, this is not true. In fact, if you’re breastfeeding, your breast size is sure to decrease once you’ve weaned your child off the breast. The milk will no longer fill the glands in your breasts, allowing them to return to their normal size. So expect your breast size to decrease once your body has completely returned to normal and you have stopped breastfeeding. I hope its useful..if its helpful for you.. could you please click the thumbs up👍symbol Thank you..😍
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