36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my body is itching rapidly from 36th week of pregnancy... how to get rid of this?

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Answer: Hello, itching on the stomach is normal in pregnancy. That happens because your belly skin stretches as you move ahead with your pregnancy. The stretching causes the surface to get dry, and the moisture-deprived skin tends to get itchy. It happens because of the hormonal changes occurring in your body. you can apply aloe vera gel , coconut oil to reduce your itching also, Oatmeal Bath. Soak oatmeal in the bath water and bathe with it. The soothing properties of oatmeal provide relief from itching. Lemon juice , cold compression, gram flour paste etc you can apply to get releif from itching. Hope this helps.
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    pavani vanapalli830 days ago

    i know that... but im suffering from palm , thighs, legs itching

Answer: Apply moisturizer and keep skin hydrated.
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Question: Hi im 36th week pregnant n having serious itching problem.. Whole of my body aches so so bad.. Plz tell me how to get rid of it..
Answer: Itching during pregnancy can be due to the increase blood supply to the skin which is very common during pregnancy so you can apply coconut oil or calamine lotion for relief but if not relieved then you should get your liver function test done as sometimes it can also be due to the changes in the liver enzymes which is very common during third trimester
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Question: How to get rid of itching during pregnancy
Answer: Hello These rashes are quiet normal and are seen in alot of women. The rashes are called puppps as they start on ur tummy move up to ur breaste hands and legs this could get very itchy and some times cause blisters. You can take cool bath to calm the rash do not scratch as it will only make it worse try using a herbal lotion to soothe ur skin. Try the lotion on small patch of your skin as u want to find out of ur allergic to it or not. As u do not want to make it worse. Hope I helped
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Question: From yesterday onwards..my total body is itching...how to get rid of it? Plz suggest ..i am not able to sleep with this..
Answer: Itching is mainly due to hormonal changes and dehydration too. Keep ur self hydrated and apply good moisturizer to avoid itchiness. Donot scratch if it is itchy as it may cause permanent scars on ur body especially on the abdominal area. Scartching on the abdominal area will cause coloured stretch marks. So keep applying good moisturizers in that area like coconut oil or some recommended products
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