38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My blood pressure is 126 /84, feeling nausea and headache. Is it normal

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Question: I'm 37 week pregnancy i have severe headache and legs pains it is normal .wt problem? blood pressure is normal
Answer: Dear you are telling Bp is normal so nothing to worry, headache could be because of dehydration or could be constipation.make sure that you should not have these 2 problems.drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration.avoid foods which causes indigestion.please take of your health dear.
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Question: My blood pressure is 126/78. How to reduce high blood pressure ? It causes any danger
Answer: Reduce amount of salt intake and oily foods Walk daily for 20 minutes Avoid fapst foods.Because it contain too much oil and salt
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Question: Feeling dizzy and tired...i also have high blood pressure...is it normal?
Answer: Yes it is normal. Durring pregnancy blood pressure increases than usual.
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