17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My blood pressure at 100/60 is it normal..

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Answer: Nope 80/120 is normal but in pregnancy shuld be atleast 70/100
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Question: 100/60 blood pressure in 37th week pregnancy.is it normal
Answer: it's incredibly important to keep your blood pressure near the optimal 120/80, and within the range of 100/60 to 130/85.
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Question: Is blood pressure of 100/60 is normal?
Answer: Hello! It is low bp. Though it does not cause problem but it is better to stay at hom Try to have a balanced meal. Have salt in the food and drink plenty of water. Take care
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Question: My blood pressure is 100/60 cqn anyone tell me ia it low or normal?
Answer: Hi dear, your BP is little low but It has no effect on pregnancy. Don't worry ,eat healthy and nutritious diet and drink adequate amount of water. Take care.
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