23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My blood percentage is low. Which foods I have to eat more.. I have only 8 it want to be 11 said by doctor. Is it any problem

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Answer: Hello dear, being anemic during pregnancy is common... eating iron rich foods like dates, pomegranate, beetroot, apple, palak, etc. Will help boost your hemoglobin levels..
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Question: My hemoglobin percentage is 8% so what what food to eat and improve my blood percentage
Answer: Hello, Leafy Vegetables – Green vegetables, especially the leafy greens are very rich in iron. Spinach, fenugreek, coriander, and mint can work as the iron powerhouse. These greens also have other nutrients and fibers essential for pregnancy. They are also good source of vitamins A and E. Fruits and Vegetables that's turn black on cutting – There are many fruits and vegetables loaded with iron. The best way to know whether the fruit is rich in iron is to cut the fruit and leave it for some time. If the exposed surface turns black then that fruit is good source of iron, for example – Apple. Same rule stands true for vegetables as well. Have more of iron rich fruits and vegetables in raw form to keep the iron levels up as heating may destroy the iron content. Include vegetables like beetroot, broccoli, capsicum, and cauliflower to increase hemoglobin levels. Five portions of fruits and vegetables are must for healthy baby and mother. Dry Fruits- Dates and dry figs are very good in increasing haemoglobin levels. Other dry fruits like walnuts, raisins and almonds will also help in increasing the level of haemoglobin during pregnancy. Pulses- Pulses add a good amount of iron and protein to a meal. Have them like salad, soup or add them to bread for good results. Peas, Lentils and beans have a good number of vitamins, minerals, fibre, iron and protein that makes a balanced diet for pregnant women.
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Question: Hi I have 9.5 percentage blood is low percentage what iam doing. My weight 62kgs
Answer: Hello dear, During pregnancy hemoglobin level should be in-between 10 to 14. Below is the food which can helps to increase the hb level. U should also get iron supplement from doctor . meatand poultry,Pulses, including beans, lentils, and peas,Dark green leafy vegetables, Oily fish, eggs, Fortified cereals Oatmeal Beetroot Mushroom Tofu Dried fruits  Nuts sweet potatoes pomegranate juice, Make Beetroot and carrot mix juice, and take a glass everyday, to increase quick hemoglobin. Hopeit helped, Take care urself...
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Question: I am 15 weak pregnent.i have 56 percentage of blood.how much percentage of blood i have?.which type of food i eat to have more blood
Answer: U should eat green leafy vegetablea like Spanish. And pomegranate
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