26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My blood grp is A+ and my hus blood grp is A- ve ..is this affect my baby?

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Answer: Yes u should tell doctor about that..there are some injections that are given for having normal baby..
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Question: I am o +ve blood group and my hus b_ve ...causes any problm to my baby?
Answer: Hi. No dear no problem for you. If you were with negative blood group and your baby of positive blood group then its a bit problem but now doctors have solution for it also. So dontbworry you or your baby wont have any problem.
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Question: My blood group is A+ve and husband blood group is AB+ve and married in relation.Will it affect baby ???
Answer: marrg in relation nd d blood grps hv no relation...as both of u r positive no need of worries about blood grp... but there may b a slight chance of heriditory issues..not fr all..u jzt stay positve..
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Question: My blood group is O+ve and my husband blood group is AB+ve, but my son blood group is A+ve.. is this possible?..pls anyone explain.
Answer: Yes its possible. For the combination of O and AB all 4 blood groups can be possible for a child.
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