33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My blood grp was O+ and husbands was B+.. is there any issue?

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Answer: Not an issue as both of you have positive antigen...
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Question: Me and husbands blood grp is AB+ will it be any problem dir baby since v both hv same blood grp pls advise
Answer: No there is no problem if you both have same blood group
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Question: My blood group is O+ and my husband's blood group is B+. Is there any problem?
Answer: Not at all.... Ur bby will generally have one of ur blood group... I know a case of twins where thje blood group of the kids and the mother are different so 3 blood group in one body and the fathers blood group was different as well.... These twins are 30 + yr old today and normal and healthy... So relax!!
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Question: Hello...my blood grp is A negative and my husband blood grp is O positive is any problom for my baby or in delevery...plz ans m worried
Answer: No dear, no problem, same story with me and my husband. In my time after delivery quickly give a injection to me, which was little costly, before start feeding my baby to prevent any type of infection, this is the only one thing, you will have to get done.
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