29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My blood group is B-ve. indirect combs test is negative. Is anti D injection require?

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Answer: Hi. Yes. You need to take anti D. If its 1st pregnancy then also some doctors prefer anti D. But if second its compulsary to take the anti D injection. I too am a b(-)ve mom and i too had the dosage. Good luck.
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Question: Anti D Injection
Answer: Dear it is antibody Injection ,given to ladies with different trainer blood gp.it is given between 28-34 weeks.and one more post birth.
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Question: My blood group is B (-) ve and my husband blood group is AB(+)ve .During my first baby, I got Rhogam injection but this time due to corona fear, my doctor is not visiting any patient. What should I do? This is my second pregnancy. Doctor had said early during check up that at 28 weeks after ICT(Indirect Coombs Test), she will recommend Rhogam but now everything is closed . Can I take Rhogam on my own?
Answer: No without doctor prescription not recommended. Better to call ur doctor and ask can u take that injection.
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Question: Hello ,,, plzz tell me my blood group is b+ nd my hubby also have b+ blood group...is it creates any problem in my baby?????
Answer: Nope.. if one of you had a negative blood group then a injection will be given after delivery
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