8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My blood group is AB_ve and my husband blood group is O+ve is there any thing to worry about this please suggest me

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Answer: Hi. No there is nothing wrong with this. I am also a rh(-)ve mom. And my husband is also rh(+)ve. . With first baby there isnt any risk but doctors just to make sure baby is fine doctors give anti-d injection. So dont worry and trust ykur do toe.
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    Kiran Kumar856 days ago

    Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much

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Question: Hi, I'm with O+ve blood group and my husband is also with O+ve blood group, so is there any problem with baby?
Answer: Not at all but it's better to have a triple screen test at 12 to 14 week of pregnancy. This is maternal blood screening test that looks for three specific substance AFP, HCG and Estriol. AFP is alpha fetoprotien generated by the fetus Which will help your doctor to see if your baby may be at higher risks of any certain birth defect. Hope it will help you.
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Question: My blood group is O+ve,and my husband blood group is B+ve is there any problem to my baby
Answer: You hv ABO incompatibility. It depends what group your baby gets..if baby is o +be, there will be no problem..but if baby is born b+ve, there are chances of jaundice in early few days of life. But u don't need to worry about it now.. even if baby gets jaundice, it will come down in a few days. Usually it won't cause complications
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Question: My blood group is O+ve and my husband blood group is AB+ve, but my son blood group is A+ve.. is this possible?..pls anyone explain.
Answer: Yes its possible. For the combination of O and AB all 4 blood groups can be possible for a child.
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