33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my blood group A+ or mera husband ka O+ koi problm to nhi hoga na humare baby ķo

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Answer: Ni dear koi problem ni hai aapke ya aapke husband k blood group main.
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    Aisha Naaz323 days ago


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Question: Mera blood group A positive h or mere husband Ka o positive h koi prblm to nhi hogi na
Answer: hello mam. nothing to worry about it. even mine and my husband blood is O negative. eventually my baby too O negativeif both wife and husband has same RH factor there is no problem. if there is a mismatch in RH factor like one ll be RH positive the other is RH negative Dr ll give antidose injections.
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Question: hi, mera blood group -A and mere husband ka o+ , hai ... to isse baby ko koi prblm to nhi hoga na
Answer: try and consult another doctor for second opinion...bcoz in same cases baby ki heart beat ruk jati hai dute to antibody reaction.I have seen 2 such cases in my own family. i know its harsh but its for ur sake.plz take second opinion.
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Question: Mam mera & mere husband ka same blood group o+. Mam baby ko koi prblm toh nhi hoti na. Is it gud to have same o+ blood group
Answer: Hi. Yes its good to be of same blood group there is no problem with this. It would be a little problem when father is of positive blood group and mother of negative blood group as if in second pregnancy women concievd with postive blood group baby it can be dangerous.
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Question: Mera 6 month chal raha he mera blood group o +he mera husband ka bhi same group he to Baby ko koi problem to nhi hogi na?
Answer: Hey, no koi problem nai...cos both are +ve.. Problem tab hori if u we're -ve and your husband was +ve.so chill...happy pregnancy ☺️
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