37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My belly started to shrink... what may be the reason...9th of pregancy

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Question: My belly started to shrink wat may be the reason... 9th month of pregnancy
Answer: hi O during this time the baby starts pushing down and entering into the vagina before you must be feeling that your belly is reducing there is nothing to worry it is only that the shape of the belly is changing
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Question: when I give banana to my 10 month old baby he started loose motion. What may be the reason
Answer: Hi dear generally banana is helpful to cute loose motion but every baby body react in different manner so better u avoid giving it to ur baby if u feel like. And see if baby is having a proper motion or not.
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Question: im 8th month pregant im belly has not grown as much as it should be ...what may be the reason
Answer: Thing that matters most is baby health not baby bump so even if you are not showing much and your baby is healthy means doing regular movement's and kicks then its completely normal. Nothing to worry
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