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Question: My belly size is very small iam 7th month now

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Answer: Hii The important thing to remember, is that there is no right size for your bump. All women, and all pregnancies, are unique. Bump size can be influenced by lots of factors, including: the number of pregnancies – first pregnancies tend to be smaller bumps because tummy muscles are tighter the number of babies – women carrying multiples often have bigger bumps the amount of fluid – it’s not just baby in there, the amount of fluid in your uterus could also affect your bump size the baby’s position – you may notice that your bump changes shape each time your baby changes position your posture – your bump may look bigger or smaller if you stand in certain ways Your body structure - height, weight, hip size etc
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Question: Hi good evening.. IAM 7th month pregnant..my belly is very small..plz suggest
Answer: Dear the belly size doesn't define the health of ur baby. I had a small belly due to my height being 5"7 and it was my first pregnancy still my daughter was born 3.6 kgs and was always healthy in the scans. So please do not worry if ur baby is doing fine in the scans the belly size being small does not have any impaact on ur pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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Question: Iam 7 month pregnant my belly size is small is there is a problem or baby growth is slowly
Answer: Unless your doctor has shown concerns regarding the size and growth of the fetus do not panic.Size of the tummy depends on many factors like gestational age,your weight and height,genetics,position of the baby etc Your doctor must on regular scan be noting the size of the fetus so you can check with them if there is any possibiliy of iugr.Maintain a healthy well balanced diet with regular light exercises.your well being is important for the babys growth.
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Question: I am 5 month but my belly size is small
Answer: Hello, Dear baby bump completely depends upon your body type. See what happens is the that some mom's got big tummy and some got small but growth of the baby in both cases is same. So it's completely normal. If your reports are normal and baby is growing according to week then there is nothing to worry. You have 18 more weeks to flaunt your baby bump..
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Question: Hi mam,iam in 5th month now,my belly size is low,is it cause anyproblem?
Answer: Hi dear if your baby is growing well with each week then a small belly size should not create any problem. But sometimes small abdominal circumference indicates slow growth of your baby. Eat healthy and nutritious diet that rich in iron calcium and Protein drink adequate amount of water take proper rest and take all the supplements given by doctor properly hope it will help.
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